Full-Stack Software Development Engineer – Java

  • Full Time (allows remote)
  • Virginia
  • No. of Vacancies: 2
  • Experience: 1 - 3 Year
  • Posted 1 year ago
Are you passionate about the intersection of cloud computing, BigData analytics, and digital user engagement? One of our portfolio companies, terratree, requires a full-stack engineer to design and build an application with global impact in eCommerce. You will build our web application that leverages big data technology and automation and conforms to AWS’ Well-Architected Framework. You will work closely with Product Management to help shape the product for success by creating engaging and dynamic experiences.

What does it take to success in this role?

You need to be creative, responsible, and able to dive deep into emerging web, mobile, and AWS technologies. You will think about business opportunities, operational issues, architectural diagrams, and the customer perspective in the course of a single conversation. You have a deep mastery of programming languages, application development, and performance engineering. Someone who makes the team both productive and fun to work in. Excited to learn from others while bringing your own novel capabilities and perspectives. Our team members thrive in a hands-on environment where everyone actively participates in product definition, technical architecture review, iterative development, code review, and operations.


The Global AI Internet Freedom Fund is seeking an Software Development Engineer to build a business-critical application using Amazon’s Selling Partner APIs. In addition, your responsibilities will include, but will not be limited to, the following:


·      Identify key product architecture components, propose and build solutions that unblock integrations

·      Writing code and technical articles

·      Audit partner behavior to ensure compliance to our program policies

·      Working with customers to understand how they are using our services, and providing feedback to development teams to improve the on boarding experience

·      Collaborating with internal stakeholders to drive timely customer communication during critical events

·      Driving projects that improve support-related processes and our customer’s developer support experience



·      Experience with object-oriented design

·      Java full-stack experience

·      2+ years of professional non-internship experience with Java stack

·      Working knowledge of automation and scripting using Selenium

·      Experience developing or supporting sites using API integration

·      Degree in computer science, IST, IS, IT, or equivalent experience required

·      Proficient in English language

·      Associate or Specialty AWS credential (or above)



·      4+ years working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript

·      2+ years of serverless design and architecture

·      Proficient in 1 or more front-end frameworks (e.g. React, Angular, or Vue)

·      Practical knowledge of other core languages (e.g. Java, C++, Python, or Node.js)

·      Proficient in 1 or more version control software platforms (e.g. git)

·      Delivered one or more production web applications (500+ users) using a contemporary JavaScript framework (e.g. Angular)

·      Passion for creating efficient, scalable, highly usable web interfaces

·      Excited about technology, have a strong interest in learning about and playing with the latest technologies and building compelling web applications and UI

·      Work well in teams, respecting and welcoming ideas from partners, business stakeholders, and technical experts

·      Strong customer focus, ownership, urgency and drive

·      Design expertise and experience with UI and workflow prototyping tools

·      Strong web development experience for 3rd party developer use or console work

·      Ability to convert a design document into a working user interface with no loss in fidelity

·      Knowledge of usability principles, cross-browser compatibility, and HTML document architecture

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