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Gain insight about your customers and products with your brand’s sales, traffic and conversion. Separate your brand’s corporate buyers from consumer buyers.

Visualized with AI for a deeper understanding. (Enterprise plans only).

aitium® is the Global AI Internet Freedom Fund’s fully-managed AI. It uses the same technology as to deliver highly accurate forecasts for Amazon sellers. Models built with our machine learning on AWS’ well-architected framework will build an image of your Amazon account for:

  • Corporate buying behavior
  • Conversion Analytics
  • Business to business focus
  • Select your machine learning model – or have aitium® choose.
  • Financial Planning and Analysis for SMB. (Enterprise plans only).
  • Resource planning

Available globally for all Amazon marketplaces.

Confidently predict sales revenue with aitium® AI with a personalized report by brand or marketplace, and a free funding assessment included in all Enterprise plans.

Benefits of Using aitium®

  • Reliable and Secure – aitium® deploys Amazon Forecast built by expert engineers.
  • Accurate – Revenue models are built with machine learning models within confidence intervals at selected time series using predictors.
  • Performant – Models from aitium® are optimized from a selection of machine learning algorithms.
  • Scalable – Forecasts up to 25% of future timeseries and in up to 20 marketplaces in 12 languages, optionally including weather index and holidays featurization.
  • Fast – Serverless speed and consistency