As we navigate the changes brought about by the digital revolution, we see the role of the enterprise changing. In fact, the digital world requires us to think very differently about what a company does. The “old” and the “new” ways of defining what a company does helps identify the traits of companies, though different leaders have treated their own role differently, it’s clear that the cloud has become central to driving the digital performance of the enterprise. We add value to our portfolio in the following ways: 

  • Cost Savings – Infrastructure cost savings / avoidance from moving to the cloud. Example: 50%+ reduction in IT spend.
  • Staff Productivity – Efficiency improvement by function on a task-by-task basis. Example: Cloud business applications, storage and compute. 
  • Operational Resilience – Benefit of improved availability, security, and compliance. Example: Expand globally on local, regional and global infrastructure.
  • Business Agility – Deploying new features/ applications faster and reducing errors. Example: Launch of new products 75% faster.