Corporate Orders on Amazon: Driving Business Success

  1. Terratree® AI Recommender Systems: Terratree® harnesses the power of AI recommender systems to curate and supply products from hundreds of brands. This sophisticated technology ensures that corporate clients receive tailored recommendations that meet their specific needs, enhancing their purchasing experience.
  2. High Average Order Value: Corporate orders on Amazon consistently exhibit higher purchasing power, with an average order value that is 2-3 times greater than retail orders. This substantial difference underscores the strategic procurement approaches and significant buying capacity of corporate clients, driving considerable revenue growth for sellers.
  3. Lower Return Rates: Corporate orders demonstrate remarkable efficiency with return rates that are 50-75% lower than Amazon’s retail orders. This low return rate reflects the precise and intentional purchasing behavior of corporate buyers, resulting in cost savings and operational efficiency for sellers.
  4. Exceptional Conversion Rates: Corporate buyers on Amazon convert at rates up to 8 times higher than retail buyers. This impressive conversion rate highlights the strong purchasing intent and readiness of corporate clients, ensuring a reliable and consistent stream of orders for sellers.
  5. Advanced Onboarding Support: Our advanced technical development and integrations team provides comprehensive support to help onboard new distributors seamlessly. This dedicated team ensures that new partners can quickly and efficiently leverage the Amazon platform to achieve their business objectives.
  6. Generative AI for Marketplace Listings: Leveraging cutting-edge technology, our generative AI functionality simplifies the creation of Amazon marketplace listings. This innovative tool enables sellers to generate high-quality, optimized listings, enhancing product visibility and driving sales.
  7. Unique GS1 Identifiers for MRO Products: We offer unique GS1 identifiers for unbranded Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) products, with other categories available upon application. These identifiers ensure compliance and ease of tracking, providing a seamless shopping experience for corporate clients while maintaining high standards of product identification and inventory management.

By leveraging these advantages, corporate clients and sellers can experience the unparalleled benefits of Amazon’s robust B2B platform, driving business growth and operational excellence.