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aitium® is the Global AI Internet Freedom Fund’s fully-managed AI. It uses the same technology as to deliver highly accurate forecasts for Amazon sellers. Models built with our machine learning on AWS’ well-architected framework will construct an image of your Amazon account for:

Companies today use everything from simple spreadsheets to complex financial planning software to attempt to accurately forecast future business outcomes such as product demand, resource needs, or financial performance. These tools build forecasts by looking at a historical series of data, which is called time series data. For example, such tools may try to predict the future sales of a raincoat by looking only at its previous sales data with the underlying assumption that the future is determined by the past.

aitium®, the Global AI Internet Freedom Fund’s proprietary AI solution for Amazon merchants and investors, has been validated by AWS for its technical proficiency and associated customer references.

Amazon merchants can predict sales revenue in all Amazon’s regions with aitium® AI, and receive a free funding assessment and a personalized report by brand or marketplace.

Benefits of Using aitium®

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