Million Dollar Sellers

Use code ‘MDS’ when signing up to aitium® to get 50% monthly or annual subscriptions for your first six months.


Sales, Traffic and Conversions – with time-series forecasting.

Gain insight about your customers and products with the sales, traffic and conversion report visualized for deeper understanding about your business. You can select machine learning models to build – or have aitium® automate your model selection – available in all Amazon marketplaces.

aitium® is a fully managed service that uses machine learning to deliver highly accurate forecasts has been verified for its technical proficiency and associated customer references in every marketplace. Aitium® models can be used for

  • Product demand planning
  • Financial planning
  • Resource planning

Over $10m revenue? We can automate your Amazon business with AWS Cloud . Here’s what you can expect:


  • Cost Savings – Infrastructure cost savings / avoidance from moving to the cloud. Example: 50%+ reduction in IT spend.
  • Staff Productivity – Efficiency improvement by function on a task-by-task basis. Example: Cloud business applications, storage and compute. 
  • Operational Resilience – Benefit of improved availability, security, and compliance. Example: Expand globally on local, regional and global infrastructure.
  • Business Agility – Deploying new features/ applications faster and reducing errors. Example: Launch of new products 75% faster.