GAIIFF: revenue based financing

GAIIFF is an early-stage investor. We invest via a new financing structure called a Shared Earnings Agreement which is very different from traditional VCs or accelerators. GAIIFF is a team of founders, bootstrappers, and makers focused on funding entrepreneurs who want to build sustainable, profitable businesses. We developed the Shared Earnings Agreement transparently in public to be the funding terms we would have wanted to see when we were building our businesses.

Long-term investment capital for early-stage businesses (aka funding for bootstrappers)

A Shared Earnings Agreement (we shorthand it as SEAL) is typically used as a substitute for equity-like structures like a SAFE, convertible note, or equity. It is not debt, doesn’t have a fixed repayment schedule, doesn’t require a personal guarantee. The goal of a SEAL is to align the interests investors and founders in a wide variety of outcomes, while giving founders full control of their business and keeping as much optionality as possible open for the business. A SEAL is a long-term commitment that in most cases lasts for the lifetime of the business, so pick your partners wisely.